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The Effects Of Using Toxic Chemicals And Cleaners

Harsh chemicals aren’t the solution to cleaning

There are a lot of different cleaners out there. For many years, people believed that the best cleaners were those that contained the most effective chemicals, no matter what those chemicals are. Numerous chemicals used for cleaning around the world require the wearing of masks and other safety equipment. Harsh chemicals aren’t the solution to cleaning, though.

Here are some of the effects of using toxic chemicals and cleaners.

Laundry Chemicals

Have you ever had stiff clothing that made you itch after a laundering? There is a reason behind that. Some detergent leaves behind chemicals that get stuck in your clothes and cause rashes, itchiness, or worse. Every time your clothes go through the laundry, they are re-exposed to these chemicals.


Aerosols are chemicals that are added to cleaners and other spray bottles to give them the pressure that propels the material out of the canister. These aerosols can be harmful to the atmosphere and your house. The gasses that makeup aerosols can contribute to global warming and smog that causes asthma reactions.

Older aerosols and ones from outside of the United States can also contain CFCs that are known to eat away at the ozone layer and contribute to causing great harm to our planet.


Phthalates are chemicals that are found in many fragranced cleaners. This chemical can cause reduced sperm count in males and isn’t just limited to one exposure method. Exposure to phthalates is most commonly taken in by inhalation; however, it can also be taken in by skin contact with the chemicals.


One of the most common toxic ingredients in window cleaners, 2-butoxyethanol is a dangerous chemical that can have multiple effects on the body. The body inhales 2-butoxyethanol and, in small doses, will only cause a sore throat. More extensive exposures to 2-butoxyethanol can cause severe damage to organs, narcosis, and pulmonary edemas.


Ammonia is a well-known chemical that is still allowed in various cleaners around the world. Ammonia is an airborne chemical hazard that can cause asthma and chronic bronchitis. Those most at risk are professional cleaners, but those who use a lot of household cleaners that contain ammonia regularly are also at risk. Jewelry cleaners also have ammonia.


Most of us are well aware of the chemical chlorine as it is often added to water to purify it, such as how chlorine is used to purify pool water. As far as cleaners go, it is used in a lot of cleaning powders and tile cleaners. In small amounts, chlorine poses only a little risk of chronic issues. However, in large quantities, chlorine can cause severe issues from skin problems to respiratory problems. It is also being investigated for being a potential thyroid disruptor.

Sodium Hydroxide

Oven cleaners and drain unblockers often contain sodium hydroxide. Manufacturers pick sodium hydroxide because it is highly corrosive and can unblock many different causes of drain blockage and can remove many other things from your oven. That same corrosiveness is what can cause skin damage and burns from simple exposures.

How to Avoid Toxic Chemicals

Not all of these chemicals are required to be listed on labels. The best way to avoid them is to buy green, eco-friendly cleaners. For when you don’t want to purchase these cleaners, there are a few options you have for avoiding them.

First off, you should always check the label of any product you are buying for any of these hazardous chemicals or other chemicals. Second, you should look for product warnings such as keep away from eyes. Lastly, you should look for a warning, hazard, danger, etc. icons on the product label.

Now that you know the effects of toxic chemicals and cleaners, you can make the smart choice to remove them from your house. It isn’t a hard step to make, and you can find many green cleaners that will be just as effective. Do it for your health, the health of your family, and that of your pets. It will be the best move you make this year.

We don’t cut corners with the use of harsh chemicals and only use products that are natural, environmentally friendly, and safe for your family and pets. It takes a little more effort, but we feel you’re worth it!

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