About Extra Green Cleaning Services

Satisfação garantidaSince Vania Soares moved to America and began gaining experience as a house cleaner, the positive feedback she got from her clients, who were impressed with her attention to detail, motivated her to start her own cleaning company. Vania founded Extra Green Cleaning on her commitment to thoroughness, professionalism, and Eco-friendly house-cleaning techniques.

After experimenting with green cleaning, Vania realized what a significant difference it made to live in an environment cleaned with eco-friendly and non-toxic products as opposed to the generic brands which left a chemical smell in the house. Extra Green Cleaning Services is always seeking to improve its techniques by using equipment and products that can genuinely give its clients a cleaner and healthier environment.

We are continually training our team to go green, do an excellent job of cleaning, and minimize the environmental impact that cleaning products can have. We will treat you and your house with respect throughout the cleaning process, which is the Extra Green Cleaning guarantee.

Our Philosophy

We only use the highest quality, non-toxic, environmentally friendly cleaning products to avoid exposing our clients to harmful cleaning chemicals. Our company was built with a solid foundation and knowledge that there was a safer and more effective way of cleaning for our kids, family, friends, colleagues, pets, and our environment.
We deliver a greener, safer clean to your home and your family with our environmentally friendly products.

Call Us Today at 240-605-2319 to learn more about the benefits of green and organic cleaning products, among microfiber cloths, anti-allergen vacuum with complete seal technology.