Rules for decluttering



Declutter your house whilst you are cleaning

Follow the 90/90 rule

When you are undecided whether to give away reusable things, it is helpful to ask yourself, “Have I used this in the past 90 days? And will I use it in the next 90 days to come?”

If the answer to this 90/90 rule is both “no”, then the better decision is to give it away.

The “90 days” may be changed depending on preference, but the rule remains that if you have not used it and will not use it, throw give away.

Use the four-box method

The four-box method means labeling four empty boxes as “trash”, “donate”, “keep”, or “relocate”.

Upon cleaning rooms inside the house, may it be a bathroom or a bedroom, place each unused item into one of the following boxes, where they fall under.

No matter how insignificant you may think the item is, labeling them through the boxes eases the overwhelming factor of decluttering.

It also simplifies the tendency to overthink the use of things, saving more time and effort in cleaning.

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