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On this valentine’s day, give your love a break from housework

On this valentine's day, give your love a break from housework!


Valentine’s Day is intended to be the day where you celebrate that special someone in your life.

However, with the events of the past year and the amount of time we’ve all spent at home, the relationship we have with our household chores has taken precedence.

While you probably will give flowers, a box of chocolates, or a fancy dinner, a short break from the household chores might be the refreshing gift your valentine desires most.

Many people come home from work and immediately start cooking dinner, doing laundry, etc., so you may have realized that you don’t always delegate the attention you should to your significant other.

Therefore, are there any chores your spouse is particularly unfond of? If so, this is the time to surprise him or her and take care of the most dreaded tasks.

If you loathe doing the dishes, taking out the trash, or folding laundry, use February 14 to take the day off from your least favorite chores. This shows communication and compromise, even it is just for this one special day.

And once it’s time to join each other for a romantic celebration at night, you can do so knowing your house is spotless. That alone is worth celebrating.

On this Valentine’s Day, give your love with a Extra Green Cleaning or Clean Gift.

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